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Reflections on #BeyondMeasure Twitter chat by Mafwa Theatre.

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Ten postgraduate students from the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures have been collaborating together since early June.

Composing the sound of nature…

Karyan Au-Yeung, former Cultural Institute intern and current final-year Media & Communication student, shares her advice for cultural employers.

The first one being listen to them, support them, and treat them as equally as you would with another colleague who isn’t a student or an intern. I think if you’re open minded, you can really build a great relationship of mutual respect with them.

“The second one, I was really lucky to have a great team who cared about my skills and career development. They made it very clear to me that if there’s anything I was particularly interested in, or anything anybody was working…

A Cultural Institute interview with ‘Art Doctor’ Alison McIntyre about their Beyond Measure? creative prescribing project for clinicians in Leeds

How would you describe the work with Beyond Measure?

“We’ve been commissioned by the Beyond Measure programme to create something we’re calling a ‘creative prescribing’ project. We have a small cohort of healthcare professionals, including a student, a social prescriber, a GP, and wellbeing coordinator.

We have been doing online consultations with the participants to discuss how they’re coping— particularly how they feel about COVID and lockdown — and talk to them about what they do creatively in their lives already.

We’ve worked with them whether they would like to be challenged or whether they want to stay in their comfort zone, and then we suggest creative activity…

Written by Naomi Momoh, Biomedical Sciences student at the University of Leeds

Goals for the internship

“Although I came into the internship with a strong…

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Reflections on #BeyondMeasure Twitter chat by Nicola Naismith.

Adapting / translating / re-inventing

As part of Beyond Measure?, an online programme exploring research and evidence in culture and health, in July 2020 I was invited to curate a Twitter chat on the ‘Artist as Researcher: Impact on the Practitioner’. I wanted to explore how artists are adapting, translating and re-inventing practice as we navigate our way through the significant changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Researchers from the University of Leeds collaborate with artists to explore what it means to be creative, through the Cultural Institute’s Leeds Creative Labs programme.

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Forging partnerships between @UniversityLeeds and creative and cultural sectors to increase pioneering research, boost engagement & enhance student opportunity.

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